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Orthodontic Appliances and Accessories

high head gear Orthoband Company and Barnhart Industries has operated under the same management for over fifty years as sister companies. Orthoband Company was the distributor of orthodontic products and Barnhart Industries was the manufacturer of those products for all those years. In 2010 the two companies merged to streamline the business. Today Orthoband products are sold and manufactured exclusively by Barnhart Industries. Barnhart Industries, Inc. is located in Imperial, Missouri just south of St. Louis in the heart of the United States of America. This is a family owned business founded by Irvin S. DeWoskin in 1938. He was an American inventor and manufacturer who proudly ran the business until his final days in 1997. While greatly missed, today Barnhart Industries is still owned by the DeWoskin family and operates with integrity and pride, as it has done from the beginning.