Orthoband Company

Orthodontic Appliances and Accessories

It was in the early 1950’s when Irv DeWoskin took his young son to the orthodontist and noticed that the doctor was constructing a crude version of headgear right there in his office to help correct his son’s misaligned bite.Irv DeWoskin, an accomplished inventor with an engineer background felt that he could design an appliance that could do a better job to correct the bite and that would be more comfortable for his son to wear. He recruited some help from his alma mater, St. Louis University. Irv brought his ideas to the professors of the Department of Orthodontics, at the School of Dental Medicine at St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. Together they designed the first Orthoband headgear appliance in 1958. That was the year the Orthoband Company was founded. Learning, researching and testing each headgear design with the Department of Orthodontics at St. Louis University inspired Irv DeWoskin to design several more appliances. Each appliance designed to make very specific orthodontic corrections. Mr. DeWoskin not only designed the appliances but engineered and customized machinery within his own factory to manufacture these products for which he held numerous patents. Over the years he perfected the manufacturing processes and offered his orthodontic products to doctors and distributors in every part of the world. Orthoband is a world-wide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of orthodontic headgear appliances and accessories.

Today the Orthoband products are sold as a leading division of Barnhart Industries, a USA manufacturer also founded by Irv DeWoskin years earlier in 1938. Barnhart Industries, Inc. located in Imperial, MO is nestled in the heart of the USA.